Responsive Design

The devices used to surf on the Internet are now screens of all sizes, our websites adapt accordingly!

Retina Ready Graphics

The photos and videos on the sites we create are optimized for high-definition viewing. Because the future is now!

High Performance Websites

A website needs to load quickly, be attractive and create an urge to know more about your business.

Sliders, Animations and Videos

We try to integrate, as much as possible, slides, animations and videos so that creates visual attraction for your visitors.

Colour scheme

We optimize the choise of colours and the colour scheme to make your website attractive, to create style and appeal for your visitors.

Fonts & Typography

Depending on the project and the customer target, we adapt the fonts and the typographic technics in use so the text displayed looks modern or classic.

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Our websites have Responsive Design

A term that refers to the adaptation to multi-format screens
Image responsive

As you can see, mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones are catching up on computers and laptops to access the Internet. It is clear that a fixed-width site is no longer sufficient. With the multiplication of platforms and screen sizes, a classic website will not always be displayed optimally.

An adaptive website, often known as responsive web design, is currently one of the best solutions to maintain a fluid design in all formats. We create all our sites in responsive web design, because the future, for us it is now.

Optimized images

A website where graphics highlights add valour to your activity
Image optimisée

There is nothing worse than to see a pixelated website. The image of your product or company will only be degraded and the Internet user will not expect to see this kind of blurry interface. Even if you do not already have a retina screen, do not neglect the users who own it.

Apple has already introduced a whole new type of display with a pixel density that is simply doubled. Specifically, where an image of 100 × 100 pixels perfectly covers the area assigned to your logo, it will be necessary today to prepare the same image in doubled dimensions: 200×200.

Fast Loading

Optimization of code and images

Web performance can be defined by the time it takes to load and run a web page. In other words, by the speed of a website. An optimized web page not only provides for a more responsive site for your visitors, but also reduces the load on your web servers and Internet connection. This can be crucial for high volume sites or sites which have a spike in traffic due to unusual circumstances.

A poorly optimized image can quickly become the heaviest element of the page and therefore slow down the loading. If the browser can immediately determine the height and/or width of your images and tables, it will be able to display a web page without having to reflow the content. We optimize the images on your site as well as the codein order to allow faster loading of your pages.

Follow-up and updates

Like any business, you should occasionally refresh your digital profile

A dynamic website in a dynamic world. Technology is evolving rapidly on the Internet and in function of that digital presence needs to be modified accordingly. Your website must be able to evolve and in the same time to remain profitable.

Many companies have made the mistake of believing that it was enough to create a website to be on the web. They did make a site six years ago and have never updated it, never integrated the current technologies and currently give a negative image of their company. An obsolete site can be very negative for your business. We do not just sell the realization of a website, you follow you during its life.

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